Encouraging Prevention with Education and Resources

Welcome to our online prevention portal, designed to raise awareness on the risks of substance abuse and strategies for staying safe and making good choices. View these short videos to increase your knowledge of these important topics. Ace the quizzes to earn your certificates!

His, Hers, the Truth: Marijuana's Overlooked Consequences

Students and professionals discuss real life consequences of using marijuana.

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Pills 2 Heroin

Real life interviews explore the progression of prescription drug abuse to heroin, the devastating effects and what can be done to help prevent this problem.

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In A Split Second

Split second decisions change the lives of many when it comes to choices with alcohol, driving and prescription drugs.

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Eavan and her mother Barbara reflect on the accident and tell us how they have each coped with the consequences.

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Don't Be A Friend, Be A Parent

This dramatization explores what can go wrong when parents host underage drinking parties.

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Fentanyl Factor

Safe Coalition’s newest documentary explores the role of Fentanyl in the Opioid Crisis.

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Why Many Teens Are Ditching Their Vapes

Co-presented by Dr. Heather Athanasiou and her daughter, Maddie, (2018/2019 Ridge HS student body president and current college sophomore).

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El factor del fentanilo

El nuevo documental de Safe Coalition explora el rol de la fentanila en la crisis de opioides

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Pills 2 Heroin (Spanish)

Las entrevistas de la vida real exploran la progresión del abuso de medicamentos recetados a la heroína, los efectos devastadores y lo que se puede hacer para ayudar a prevenir este problema.

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En una fracción de segundo

En tan solo un segundo la vida de muchos puede cambiar cuando se conduce un vehiculo bajo el consumo de alcohol y drogas

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Rebirth (Spanish)

Eavan y su madre Barbara reflexionan sobre el accidente y nos cuentan cómo han enfrentado las consecuencias.

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